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The Giv Token

The GIV token represents computational power and will be the instrument to acquire computational capacity over the Givv network. Givv’s operational and financial transactions will be executed over the Ethereum blockchain through a set of smart contracts and GIV implements the ERC20 protocol for open exchange.
Givv’s initial token offering will issue 300 million GIVs into circulation. This will be the maximum supply of GIVs.

Funding Breakdown

of the Tokens will be used to “Airdrop” GIVs on causes in the Givv community, incentivize developers of new dApps, and future development.

of Tokens minted will be offered to the public for sale. The proceeds will be used to fund company operations as outlined in the Roadmap.

of the Tokens will be used as compensation for service providers.

of the Tokens will be assigned for incentivizing team members and service providers via a 3- year vesting program.

Project Roadmap

You’re invited to join Givv on this journey! Participate in the bounty program, prepare for the TGE or just follow Givv on Telegram and social media . Join the movement!

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