A World-Changing Ecosystem

Givv believes that individuals and corporations can be motivated to contribute the idle capacity of their computing resources to support causes they care deeply about. Givvers, those that supply idle computing capacity, incur no expense to fund their chosen non-profit organisations. As the cloud computing market grows to the expected US$ 400 billion/year, Givv capturing even a small share of that market means it will mobilize tens of billions of dollars to causes around the world and become one of the largest sources of recurrent funding in international development.

The Givv Ecosystem’s Participants

Individuals and Corporate Partners

Each earn a small amount of money daily from the processing power of their idle computers. Together, individuals and corporate partners can generate huge sums that make a tangible difference to real-world causes. For individuals, Givv is a way to contribute to causes that you care without ever coming out of pocket! For corporations, Givv is a cost-less way to expand its matching programs and staff retention efforts, and/or expand existing corporate social responsibility programs.

Non-profit Organisations

Organisations and charities motivate their followers to join Givv and enjoy the fruit of their support. Each follower or Givver can generate micro-earnings daily to support their favorite causes. Earnings from many Givvers can accumulate very quickly, becoming a large-scale recurrent revenue stream for the non-profit organisations benefiting from them. The Givv platform also supports temporary causes that require immediate funding, such as disaster relief efforts.

Companies Purchasing Cloud Computing Services

Companies can purchase computing power to perform a myriad of computational tasks, using Givv's distributed cloud computing network. Givv's platform follows global best-practices for software and cloud computing services. It is designed to provide a flexible, scalable, secure and stable computational power competitively priced against mainstream cloud computing providers.

The Givv Platform Makeup

Givv Mobile App

The Givv Mobile App is the interface between the Givver and non-profit organisations. The app is where Givvers can choose and change the causes they support, see how much they have contributed, check how much has been collected by the community and communicate with the organisations they support. The app also serves as a remote control for the devices owned by each Givver. Givvers can manage everything from the Givv Mobile App or PC App; setting times, organizing contributions, checking on node stats, or just set the app to auto and let us optimize everything for you! Each cause has its own page with information on how funds are used, special content for the community and other perks. The Givv app will be available to download from the Microsoft Store, Apple Store and Google Play.

Givv PC App

The Givv PC Application is an easy-to-install dApp container that can be set up in less than a minute on all major operating systems. It is a secure sandbox for distributed applications that has absolutely no access to the file system outside of its confines, known as an Open Container. Simply put, the container is blind to everything outside of it. No knowledge of blockchain technology is required, and no maintenance is needed. In fact, everything is managed from the Givv Mobile App or PC App. Givvers may install the Givv app on more than one PC and funnel all earnings to a single Givv account. The Givv app will be available to download from the Microsoft Store, Apple Store and Google Play.

GIV Token

GIVs are digital tokens that represent vouchers for computational capacity in the Givv Network. GIV tokens will also handle all the recording, transfer and settlement of the financial donations to non-profit organisations. GIV financial transactions are executed over the Ethereum blockchain through a set of smart contracts and GIV implements the ERC20 protocol for open exchange.

Givv Hive Dispatcher

The Givv Hive Dispatcher constitutes the brain of the system and focuses on the development of machine learning algorithms to automate the allocation of resources. The Givv Hive Determines the right mix of dApps running on the Givv platform based on various parameters such as the type of resources contributed, hardware profile of the host PC, geographical location of resources, and availability of dApps. It is also commanding and controlling millions of hosts concurrently, taking into consideration many factors and making split-second decisions keeping the network both dynamic and effective.
The Givv Hive is composed of:
  • Honeycomb™ – a repository for all certified dApp packages
  • Tanz™ – load balancing, resources allocation, and resources continuity management
  • Swarm™ – blockchain pools management
  • Keeper – statistics gathering service
  • Hive™ – secure API

Our unique platform is built to produce value securely and efficiently

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