Applying Next-Generation Technology for Social Good

January 10, 2019 | Charities, Technology

Applying next-generation technology, such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, for social good is a rising concept to accelerate improvements in the state of the world. The companies applying technologies can be both for-profit, such as Givv, and not-for-profit, but they have a common aim to improve the effectiveness of non-profit organisations and ultimately better the global human experience.

Next-Generation Technology for Good

Over the last decade, the discussion on non-profit technology (#nptech) and next-generation technology for good has been primarily around social media, mobile technology, and online fundraising. As technology and connectivity enter the next phase, non-profits could benefit from better understanding some of the concepts that will shape the world in the next decade. Technological advancements have changed how we improve standards of living and fundraise for causes, but new tools can provide global scalability and even change how we volunteer our time.

There are several projects currently in existence that use technologies such as AI, blockchain, internet of things, cloud computing and even distributed computing to improve our current methods of improvement.

How to Improve Non-Profit Funding Through Technology

Non-profits, like other organizations, look to capture as many eyes as possible and bring in as much money as possible (while keeping their fundraising costs down). So adopting current technology is a no-brainer, such as using social media platforms to bring awareness or accepting online donations or crowdfunding to raise capital. While this has shown significant improvement, 63% of people admit they don’t give to charity because they do not have the financial resources or they volunteer in lieu of donations.

As we allow technology to improve every aspect of our lives, why not facilitate the process of giving? We’d never discourage someone from giving up their time, as that is the most valuable thing a person could spare, but some of us just don’t have enough of it free to make a significant impact.

Allow Givv to save you time and money by simply donating your computing capacity, instead of your time, and putting away those hard-earned dollars in your savings.

Givv Creates a For-Profit Technology for Good

Givv is a distributed computing project that lets anyone with an internet-connected device donate their idle computing power, which can generate up to $10 a month, and direct it to non-profits.

Other distributed computing projects like Folding@home, the largest distributed computing project today, conduct disease research that simulates protein folding. Seti@home, the second largest, is an Internet-based public volunteer computing project searching for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence. These projects use the idle resource of personal computers owned by volunteers from all over the world, they have 8 and 5 million active processing units, respectively.

Givv is much larger in scope, aiming to be a method of recurrent funding for any and all non-profits, mobilizing a larger category of people to close an enormous funding gap that would allow everyone to improve their standard of living.

Givv is a for-profit technology company that facilitates funding for non-profits around the world. Givv uses blockchain, AI, and cloud computing to aggregate idle computing power and sells it to companies in the market for computing capacity. Givv then directs all revenues to non-profits advancing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Givv is building the largest cloud computing network in the world and in doing so will become the greatest source of recurrent funding for non-profits. We’re truly a for-profit technology, aimed at bettering the process for non-profits and ultimately bettering the world. Learn more about Givv today and join the movement.

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