How Can a Charity Gain More Donations Without a Fundraising Campaign?

October 20, 2018 | Charities, Technology

A fundraising campaign can be a challenge – and costly. Is there a better way? That’s why we introduced Givv — you can gain more funds from your supporters without their having to donate more money to you.

Adding this system to your arsenal of options for people to support your cause benefits both you and your supporters.

The Benefits for Charities

  • Increased income: As a charity, you’re always looking for ways to increase donations so you can have a bigger impact. The Givv model provides you with an entirely new revenue stream, especially from people who hesitated to donate as they couldn’t afford it. By monetizing the idle computing resources everyone has sitting at home already, Givv is generating wealth where there was none and giving it straight to charity.
  • New technology: This new way of drawing in donations introduces charities to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, which may prove to be important to charities in many ways moving forward. The same way crowdfunding opened up charitable giving to the internet, Givv is the perfect gateway to future models of marketing and raising money for important charitable causes.

The Benefits of Givv for Charity Supporters

  • Givvers aren’t donating cash: One of the biggest barriers for charities is asking people to hand over their hard-earned cash. They usually have plans for that money. Our lives are complex and we always need more money to fix something that’s broken, save for school, or maybe take a rare vacation to unwind. But Givv isn’t a middleman to transfer cash donations to charities. Instead, Givv utilizes what is essentially a wasted resource for most people. An idle computer is, in fact, generating computing resources that generally go to waste. By gaining access to those resources, Givv has created a model that accepts this as a donation and converts it into funds for charities.
  • They are supporting several causes at once: While Givvers select specific charities and influencers to support, the Givv model also supports companies developing and running important new technologies. These often require a significant amount of computing resources, which they can purchase through Givv rather than spending on complex new machines and the infrastructure to house them. Utilizing the world’s computing resources so efficiently reduces demand for new machines and the burden on the electric grid. In this way, Givv has an environmental and economic impact that Givvers will be supporting.

Givv makes it easier and more efficient for people to support the charities they care about. Givvers can also rest assured that just by leaving their computer turned on (like they probably do anyway), they can support not only the charities of their choice but also economic growth and environmental health.

Plus, with Givv, charities can save time spent on a fundraising campaign. With more funds (without a fundraising campaign), you can provide more services to people, animals, or communities in need. Let your followers know that they can support your charity by becoming Givvers and start making an even bigger impact today.

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