Your Givving Is Safe With Us

Our main priority is the protection of user data and the transparency of our vetted security systems. Givv operates with minimal hardware footprint, limiting strain on your computer. Givv is asking for Givvers to contribute their PCs as nodes participating in distributed computing tasks while addressing Givvers potential security concerns. Installing an application on your computer poses legitimate security and privacy concerns. To address these issues, we designed the Givv PC application as a secure, sandboxed container for dApps.

OpenContainer Initiative

Established in June 2015 by Docker and other leaders in the container industry, a container is an execution sandbox for dApp packages. The packages are stand-alone, executable bundles of software that include everything needed for them to run. Containers separate the software from its host PC, and enable a secure and simple installation process. Givv containers work within the confines of the PC operating system, as we do not install virtual machines. Givv containers run on all major Linux distributions, Macs, Microsoft Windows, even VMs and cloud machines. As part of our commitment to the development and distribution of dApps, we have developed a Givv certification process that will include packaging tools, local test environments, and a testnet for dApps. A process for new dApps to be packaged and added to the Givv Hive™.

A computer program running on a PC operating system can view all resources (connected devices, files and folders) on that computer. However, programs running inside a container can only see the content and devices permitted to the container. Simply put, the container is blind to everything outside of it.

Transparency & Platform Security

Givv strictly adheres to the best practices on governance, in line with the standards seen in leading public and private organisations. This includes qualified advisory boards and committees, reputable external audits on operations, generation and distribution of the financial resources to SDG projects, and annual public reporting of its activities. This applies to any computer coding and algorithms, which will be open source.
Givv’s advanced software meets the highest standards of cybersecurity. Before it is made open to the public, the following actions have been taken in all Givv’s operations to ensure software security:
  • The code, which is open source, has been published to enable the tech community to review it and comment.
  • The software has been submitted to large cybersecurity firms for verification and whitelisting, and the results will be published.
  • The software meets the recommended standards set forth by the United Nations’ Information Technology Union for software and cloud computing technologies.
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