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Goodbye, costly fundraising drives.
Hello, automatic monthly donations.

Join Givv to connect with a thriving community of individuals and corporations ready to donate to your cause. There’s no cost to you or the Givver — only endless opportunities to maximise your impact toward the Sustainable Development Goals.

Givv Without Spending a Dime in Only a Few Minutes

Recurring Donations From Supporters Worldwide

On Givv, individuals and corporations donate idle computational power from their home or office PCs, and choose a non-profit to receive the revenue. The result? Simple, recurring donations from Givvers around the world.

Free For You and Your Donors

With our innovative mode, Givvers use the PCs they already own to support their favorite causes, and your organisation gains more donations. There’s no added cost for you or the Givver. Talk about a win-win!

Powerful Engagement Tools and Analytics

Gain valuable, real-time insights into donor behavior, take pre-emptive action if a donor reduces engagement with your organisation and develop targeted campaigns that help you shatter your fundraising goals.

The future of fundraising is here.

Givv’s App is Launching Soon

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