Goal 17: Partnership for the Goals

Strengthening the means of implementation

Goal 17 is unique among SDGs in its focus not on a typical cause, but on providing a call to action for rallying the many partnerships necessary to achieve and exceed the benchmarks set within the Sustainable Development Agenda. Givv aims to promote partnerships and productive word-of-mouth around these these goals, helping to mobilize and direct the power of untapped global impact investments.

What’s the Goal?

UN’s goal #17 is to advocate for inclusive partnerships at all levels (globally, nationally and locally). These SDG-partnerships aim to emphasize the importance of mobilizing resources in the fields of finance, technology, and trade to provide international support, especially for developing countries.

Why Does it Matter?

We can’t do achieve the sustainable development goals alone! To reach these SDG targets by 2030, coordinated and collective efforts are essential.

Why is a global partnership important?

We are all in this together. The Agenda, with its 17 Sustainable Development Goals, is universal and calls for action by all countries, both developed countries and by developing countries, to ensure no one is left behind.

Can We Achieve This Goal?

Yes. With the help of the United Nations, National Governments, and individuals like you, we can achieve this goal and bring the world together as one community.

How Can I Help?

First, join or create local community groups that are focused on achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Have your group(s) encourage business and governments to remain focused on achieving the goals, too.

Goal 17 Facts & Figures

$135.2 million

Official development assistance reached the highest level in 2014

$4 billion

Number of people who do not use Internet. 90% of them are from the developing world


Percentage of imports from developing countries enter as duty free

Goal 17 Targets

  • Strengthen domestic resource mobilization, including through international support to developing countries, to improve domestic capacity for tax and other revenue collection.
  • By 2030, significantly increase the exports of developing countries, targeting to doubling the least developed countries’ share of global exports.
  • By 2030, build on existing initiatives to complement gross domestic product, and support statistical capacity-building in developing countries.
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